Thursday, July 21, 2011


1.  I get quite a few responses to items I post on this blog.  Unfortunately, most of them come to me directly via email.  I'd rather they went to the comments section so that everyone could see them, but I've heard from several people who say they can't make it work.  One person said, "I've tried to leave comments several times but they don't stick."

Welcome to the club.  This morning I tried to respond to Amy/Layla the Malmute using the comments section; I can't make it work, either.  Not that that's any criterion.  I told someone the other day, "If I were told that my life depended on my computer sophistication, I'd begin getting my affairs in order."

I wish that right here I could insert a paragraph that says, What you need to do is . . .  But I'm clueless.  Posting a comment here is much more challenging than training a dog.

2.  I'm never sure whether the Amy/Layla the Malamute comments are coming from Amy or Layla.  They are always quite intelligent and right on target.  Which makes me conclude they're coming from the dog.

Back to their comment.  The only times I've seen Terri Arnold in the competition ring were when we competed against her at the Gaines.  I believe someone could drive an 18-wheeler down the center of the ring while Terri and her dog were heeling and the dog's attention would never waver.

I agree with Amy/Layla and their friends; people fail to produce attentive dogs almost exclusively through lack of effort (including the effort to find an instructor who has the knowledge and the skills to teach them properly).  My biggest problem with students has been lack of commitment.  The person shows up for the lesson and the first sentence out of her mouth is, "I haven't touched him since our last lesson."  They don't last long.

Yep, so many people are seeking instant results.  Unfortunately they never get to experience the joy that comes from the journey.  Which means that their dogs simply are objects to put titles on.



  1. LOL! It does take some patience to figure out how to leave a comment. The final step is to copy the code the computer prompts you with. I would love to read more comments here, so be persistent, folks!

  2. You absolutely made Layla's day - she's too busy laughing at me to comment herself :)

    I'd first heard about Terri Arnold through your book. When I saw that she was giving a seminar locally, I remembered her incredible scores at the Gaines that you'd mentioned and signed up. Once I saw her myself, I was sold. So really, you're directly responsible for me working towards a focused, attentive and most importantly HAPPY dog. Thank you!!