Thursday, August 15, 2013

BRINGING UP PRESTO! Great Moments In Dog Obedience Training

Presto! is just over 15 months.  His training is coming along well, but there's nothing where I can look you in the eye and say, "That's solid!"

Last Sunday we were training in Cactus Park.  Presto! and I were about 30 feet from the sidewalk, practicing fronts.  I had my back to the sidewalk.  All of a sudden my little guy took off like a shot, right past me.  I turned and oh my God!  There was a guy with a huge, intact male pit bull on a leash.  I said, PRESTO! COME!  He spun and came directly back to me.  Whew!

Alice Blazer was training with us.  She said, "When Presto! saw that was a pit bull his entire life flashed before him.  That's why he came back."



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  2. I discovered "Remembering to Breathe" as I was training my Novice A dog (and first Aussie) at the very beginning of our obedience career. Willard's book is so informative for the obedience beginner and is a GREAT read.
    Discoved this blog recently and am waiting for more posts. Thank you, Willard. With your book to encourage us at the start, Sara now has her BN, CD, RE, and CGC. Working toward CDX and RAE.

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